120V 10A IP 65 Protection

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IP 65 Protection Based Automotive Battery Charger (120V 10A)

120V 10A IP 65 Protection Automotive Battery Charger

The new Green Power IP65 protection based charger is an intelligent software based battery charger developed with most advanced high frequency SMPS technology for Automotive and Heavy Duty Batteries. It is a user friendly Lead Acid battery charger that is capable to charge from single 12V battery to 10 batteries simultaneously. The ultra-low ripple DC output of the charger ensures proper formation of the plates of the batteries in minimum time. Highest level of protections in this category of products ensures safe & trouble free service for the charger for years.

120V 10A IP 65 Protection Automotive Battery Charger Technical Specification

  • Input AC voltage: 170V – 240V
  • Output DC Voltage: 12V to 120V
  • Current Output: 2A to 10A
  • Additional IP 65 Protection

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