RXR-M60D Firefighting Climbing Robot

The fastest and most effective way to extinguishing fires.

RXR-M60D New Generation Firefighting Robot

RXR-M60D is a new generation of firefighting robot, suitable to carry out fire-fighting, cooling and chemical contamination for fires in building complex, petrochemical industry, oil tank area, large warehouse. With its adaptability, load capacity and expand performance in firefighting cases, it is suitable for high temperature, strong heat and radiation or collapse small forest fires of A, Class B fires and toxic gas, liquid leakage dilution and cooling; also for the fire that firefighters are dangerous to reach.


Frame + Independent Suspension Design + Six Shock Spring Design

Self-Adapting Ability

Long-range vertical suspension arm, integrated bearing frame, full-drive design, has a strong ability to adapt the ground. Self-adapting ability to marsh, grass, potholes, continuous hump, gravel and other road easy and flexible Walk, meet Fire Fighting Requirements of Rapidly Moving upon Complex Ground Environment.

Firefighting Robot
Firefighting Robot

Robust Body Structre

Fire-fighting operations need to carry certain operating modules and special rescue equipment, and can drag the full range of long-range fire hose, which requires fire robot chassis must have good dynamic performance, load capacity and expand ability, the robot chassis Of the power system uses a large capacity battery plus AC motor type, the control module based on the CAN distributed modular design, making it with strong power and agile rapid motor performance, the results can bear 350kg of load, climbing 30 ° of the slope, climbing 60 cm vertical obstacles, but also have dragged two 100m pipes full of water to walk, in the muddy land and 30 ° slope on the original turn and other excellent performance.

All-metal independent suspension design, to ensure a good paste to the performance and enhance cross-country through ability.

Strong Adaptability

Robot has the characteristics of strong adaptability, high load capacity, good performance and so on. It is very suitable for fire-fighting vehicles and personnel who can not be close to such as high temperature, strong heat radiation, easy collapse and so on in petrochemical industry, oil tank area, large-scale warehouse, Dangerous places, alternative firefighters and other fire fighting operations.

Firefighting Robot

Functional Specification

  • Size: 1160*750*750mm
  • Weight: ≤90kg Approx.
  • Maximum Speed: 0-1.5m/s, remote control infinitely variable speed
  • Control Distance:≥150m
  • Operation Hours:4hrs
  • Climb Ability: 200mm obstacles;30stairs;30°slope, Can adapt to environments of the grass, sand, snow, gravel, beach etc
  • Protection Class: IP65
  • Chassis Height: Minimum 86mm from the ground
  • Water Cannon Tilt Angle: 30-45°

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