Petra Air intake cleaner

Air Intake Cleaner

Air Intake and Carburettor Cleaner–Petra

Air Intake Cleaner helps to eliminate the sticky residue which is caused by oil mist and crankcase fumes which allocates from air intake system components. These residues are tar like deposits which builds on the idle performance. Valves leading to unbalanced airflow and formulates for the modern vehicles, Air Intake Cleaner removes dirt and deposits and manifolds for a protective surface coatings.

Features and Benefits

  • Safe for coated throttle bodies and intakes
  • Helps eliminate hesitation and rough idling and improve performance
  • 70% VOC formula is compliant for OTC and all other states except California

Advantages & Uses:

  • Removes harmful deposits from throttle bodies and intakes
  • Lubricates and protects moving parts
  • Improves airflow