Green Power Oil

Full Syntho+ 4T 20W40 (API-SN)

Syntho 4T 10W30 (API-SM)

Syntho 4T 15W50 (API-SM)

Gear Oil – 80W90 (API-GL-5)

CNG + 20W50 (API-SM)

PowerXL 5W30 (API-SM, SN/CF)

PowerXHD Gold (API-CI4+)

PowerGRO +

Artic Polymer Coolant

Transmission Fluid QTF

AP3 Multipurpose Grease

Hydraulic Oil AW 46/68 ISO

Rear Axle Gear Oil (85W140 API- GL5)

Brake & Clutch Fluid (DOT4)

Shock Absorber Oil

Red Gel LC Grease – NLGI 2.5

Antartica Coolant (Green & Pink)

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