Motorcycle Conventional Battery Charger

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Green Power Motorcycle Conventional Battery Charger

Motorcycle Conventional Battery Charger

Model: GP-MXC

The Green power Conventional/VRLA charger designed with the intelligent charging technique, detecting battery failures and reviving your motorcycle batteries to maintain the battery life.The charger designed with the SMPS based charging technology which is fast and simple allowing less manual intervention. The Selection for VRLA and Flooded makes multifunctional ability of charging both types of batteries.

Available for: 2 Batteries, 4 Batteries & 6 Batteries

Motorcycle Conventional Battery Charger Features

  • Intelligent inbuilt charging software
  • Diagnostic capability
  • Recovery mode to revive premature death of battery
  • Unique module design for easy serviceability & low breakdown
  • Control charging process with Auto-Cut-off option
  • Wide LCD display- Real time charging information
  • Buzzer indicator

Motorcycle Conventional Battery Charger Technical Specification

  • Input Voltage AC: 170V - 270V Single Phase
  • Output Voltage: 12V to 72V (Selectable)
  • Output Current: 2A & 4A (Selectable)
  • Charging Mode: Initial & Normal
  • Charging Profile: Bulk Absorption & Float
  • For All kinds of VRLA Flooded Batteries

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