DSS-7000 Battery Tester

Midtronics DSS-7000 Battery Diagnostic Service System

DSS-7000 Battery Tester

The Future of Battery Management

As the complexity of battery and electrical systems continue to evolve, diagnostic technology must be able to keep pace. The DSS-7000 Battery Diagnostic Service system answers the challenge posted by contemporary and future vehicles including capabilities for new battery and system types, new business procedure and a generation of service technicians familiar with app-based technology.

The DSS-7000 enables you to broaden your services expertise by providing the technology to handle the complex challenges of servicing current and future electrified vehicles.

Midtronics DSS-7000 Battery Features

  • Flexible technology adaptable to future batteries and systems
  • Wireless communication supports end-to -end communication and complete battery management
  • Enhanced battery diagnostics deliver more decisive results, with fewer charge and retest decisions

Midtronics DSS-7000 Battery Technical Specification

  • Application: For Automotive, ISS 12V batteries with Tab Functionality, Network Printer and BMIS Enabled
  • Supported Battery Types 12V Standard batteries
  • Primary Battery Voltage : 1.0 to 36V
  • Battery Test Cables 3 ft; removable/field-replaceable
  • Wi-Fi Communications 802.11 b,g,n
  • Removable Tablet Controller with 7” diagonal display
  • Weight: 9Kg Approx.
  • NissanNissan
  • ExideExide (Under Approval)

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