Celltraq System

An X-RAY for your Battery

Midtronics Celltraq System Enterprise Battery Asset Management

Celltraq System Enterprise Battery Asset Management

The Midtronics Celltraq System ensures that status information about the state of health of every battery is available on demand for key decision makers. It collects battery measurements generated by Midtronics CELLGUARD™ wireless battery monitoring system or CELLTRON ® battery analyzers to a central location.

Midtronics Celltraq System Features

  • Server based architecture
  • Streamlines review of information and safeguards historical data
  • Instant indication of battery asset conditions throughout enterprise from one on-screen indicator
  • Ensures efficient review of system state of health
  • System-derived notification of battery faults via e-mail and text message as they occur
  • SNMP Trap Notification (in addition to Email and Text Message)
  • Automated PDF System Reports

Midtronics Celltraq System Technical Specification

  • Application · Windows Operating System XP/7.0/8.0 Windows Server 2003/2008 · Tomcat Web Server · SQL Server 2005/2008/2012 · Database (or SQL Server) 2005/2008 Express free version
  • Minimum 4G RAM 2.6G Processor Tomcat: 2G RAM Database: 2G RAM Recommended 6G RAM 2.6G or higher Processor Tomcat: 2G RAM or above Database: 4G RAM or above * Tomcat and the Database can either run on the same server or on separate servers

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